Slide to Podcast #24: Listen To This Podcast, Or The Puppy Goes Hungry


      Slide to Podcast #24 is now available! On this one, Andrew and his co-hosts “Mad Dog Jer on the Air” and “Rockin’ Chris Reed” wake up your morning with a wacky radio zoo– until they get bored of the premise and get back to talking about iPhone games.

      Here’s our discussion this week, in a nutshell:

      Intro: Skies of Glory free to download, Andrew’s upcoming trip to Gameloft HQ.

      Whatcha Been Playing: The Settlers, Judgment Day War, World Series of Poker: Hold’em Legend

      Mailbag: Ports vs. New IP

      You can download Slide to Podcast #24 on iTunes, or download it directly here. Thanks for listening!