EA Mobile Bringing Battleship, Connect Four, and Monopoly Classic to iPhone

At some point, they’re going to start running out of board games to port, right? EA’s board game licenses seem to know no end, with The Game of Life and Boggle being two notable recent releases. This winter, we’ll be able to add Battleship, Connect Four, and Monopoly to the list. Click ahead for screenshots and press pack tidbits.


Three modes: Classic, Salvo, and Super Weapons. Two player local wifi and Bluetooth multiplayer.

Connect Four:

Local wifi, Pass and Play, and Bluetooth multiplayer. 25 Achievements, plus slow-motion effects and “exploding chips”.


Four player local wifi and Pass and Play multiplayer, two player Bluetooth multiplayer. Animated tokens and 3D dice, which you can shake the iDevice to roll. Plus, you don’t have to count your cash by the millions like Here and Now Edition.

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