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Agent Dash Review

Remember a little while ago when the makers of Temple Run teamed up with Pixar to make Temple Run Brave? Now imagine that Pixar themselves had gone ahead and made their own endless running game, and it might look a little something like Agent Dash from Full Fat games. It’s a game that’s chock full of humor and style, with artwork that looks like it came straight from an animated film, but Agent Dash has very little to offer in actual substance. So actually, it kind of feels like something that would come from Dreamworks, and not Pixar. (more…)

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Universal Game Center Rating: 9+

Agent Dash is a game from Full Fat, originally released 2nd August, 2012

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Agents! Review

When you think of the all-time video game classics, many of the usual suspects may come to mind, like Mario, Sonic, Street Fighter II, and many other timeless titles. One of the obscure experiences that tenured gamers will fondly remember is Spy Vs. Spy. It was a fast-paced action game that brought the famous comic strip from Mad Magazine to life. (more…)

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Agents! is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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