999: The Novel Hits the App Store

Here’s some good news for fans of a good old fashioned choose-your-own adventure story– 999: The Novel has been released on the App Store. The app, an adaptation of the Nintendo DS game 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, tells the tale of nine people who wake up trapped on a ship set to detonate in nine hours. Your goal is to figure out how to escape the ship without hitting one of the many bad endings. You can download it here for iPhone and here for iPad. Both versions cost $4.99.

Unlike the DS game, the puzzles have been stripped out of this version, leaving only the text and the decision that affect the story line. It will be interesting to see how much fun it is reading about people solving puzzles rather than solving them yourself. Also, it’s called a novel in the app’s title, but it’s really an enhanced graphic novel, since the whole thing is illustrated and has sound effects.

One convenience added to this version is a flowchart that shows you what you’ve already read and what choices you have yet to make. You can bounce back to anywhere in the story you’ve already been, which you could not do in the DS game.

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