7 Wonders HD

7 Wonders HD is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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7 Wonders HD iPad Review

7 Wonders HD suffers from the same problem many Match-3 games are faced with: it doesn’t do enough to differentiate itself from the next contender for your money. While the multitouch capabilities are nice, it remains more or less the same game you’ve played so many times prior.

Each of the game’s seven areas has seven levels, each of which counts as another building block to creating the area’s structure. The levels are all very much the same, only differing slightly in the shape of the grid. The goal is to drop stone blocks to the bottom of the grid and clear all solid tiles on top of them before the timer runs out. You are given a generous amount of time, so you always have a fair shot at completing the level.

History channel’s version of Bejeweled.

The gimmick 7 Wonders HD deploys is that it can be controlled via multitouch, meaning that you can slide tiles together at the same time to create matches. While not a bad idea overall, it makes the game easier than many others in the genre. You’ll likely blow through it without losing all your lives.

Also of note are the graphics, which are a bit of an eyesore. The tiles themselves are drawn in low-resolution, and it’s often hard to distinguish solid grid spots from open ones. More vibrant and nicer-looking visuals would be a major plus in our book.

As it stands, 7 Wonders HD probably isn’t worth checking out. The lack of game-altering mechanics means nothing unexpected ever happens, and it usually ends up being too easy. For $4.99, it just isn’t a compelling enough package.

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