64 Retina-Ready iPad Games

So you’ve just bought a new iPad. Now that it’s out of the box, are you ready for some great new apps to show it off? After you’ve downloaded a few Retina-ready utility apps from our previous guide, check out the list below to find 64 games which look amazing running at 2048 x 1536, along with links to our reviews.

10 Pin Shuffle

Ace Rider

Aiko Island HD

Aiko Island: Holidays HD

Angry Birds Space HD

Angry Bots

Awesome Land

Azkend 2 HD

BallAHolic HD

Bean’s Quest

Beast Boxing 3D

Bike Baron

Blind World


Coco Loco

The CropDuster

Dave vs. Cave

Flight Control Rocket

Foosball HD

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD

Get Twisted

Hover Biker

Infinity Blade II

Joining Hands

Ikaros HD

Labyrinth 2 HD

Lead Wars

Letris 2

Letris Power

the little crane that could

the little tank that could

Mass Effect Infiltrator

Match Panic

Modern Combat 3

Monsters Ate My Condo

Nanosaur 2

Nightclub Mayhem


Order & Chaos Online

Paper Monsters


Pinball HD

Pinball HD Collection

Pizza vs Skeletons

Punch a Hole

Punch a Hole Mini

Real Racing 2 HD

Save the Pencil HD

Siege Towers for Two

Silverfish Max

Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy

Star Wars Pit Droids

Starfall 2 HD

t Chess Pro

Ticket to Ride

Touch Mini Golf

Touchgrind BMX

Uber Racer 3D Sandstorm


Waking Mars


Woodroid HD+

WordCrasher Blitz

Words Play

Zen Bound 2

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