5 New Glu Games Previewed!

We attended Glu Mobile’s iPhone Games Day today to see what the San Mateo-based publisher has up its sleeve over the next few months. The grand reveal surprised us a little bit. Four of the five games on offer were original IP–an oddity coming from the traditionally license-heavy Glu.

Here they are, in order of their intended release dates:


Build-A-Lot is a popular casual web game from 2007 that’s all about buying, improving, and “flipping” real estate–a subject that has recently lost some of its luster. It’s basically time management wearing a hard hat.

Glu’s done some improving of its own by ripping out the old graphics and putting in all-new animated graphics. You get 35 levels over eight neighborhoods for $4.99, starting on March 30th.

Cooking Star

If Cooking Mama’s not doing it for you, fear not: Cooking Star is right around the corner. Glu’s one-upping the original casual cooking game with new and better minigames designed specifically for the iPhone. The game comes with 40 progressively unlockable recipes and eight cooking minigames, with more to be added in updates. Cooking Star will be released in April for $2.99.


Glyder takes a page out of Flower’s utterly peaceful book: no violence, no bad guys, no dying, just… flying. And picking up crystals. The game has no boundaries; fanciful new levels grow out of the ocean as you gather gems, and you can catch a thermal and glide right over to them. It’ll be out next month for $1.99.

Cops and Robbers

Lots of folks are having trouble making rent these days, but not many of them turn to grand larceny to pay off the landlord. Tic Tac and Rooftop, the two thieves starring in Cops and Robbers, are agile enough to dodge over or around practically any obstacle, grab the loot, and make out like bandits. Literally.

Your job in this unusual racing game is to help them stay several steps ahead of the law by running, jumping, and spinning your way through an urban obstacle course. You can also switch things up by playing as a cop and trying to collar your own robber in a ghost race. This is due out at the end of April for $4.99.

Mini Golf: Wacky Worlds

This game wasn’t playable at the event, as it’s not due to be released until July. Glu still wanted to show it off as an example of in-house creativity. We find it hard to get excited about mini golf games these days, but Wacky Worlds has an interesting look to it.

There are four themed worlds with 10 levels each: Tiki, Sky, Winter, and Cheese (complete with rivers of molten cheddar). You can buy special mechanical clubs that put after-touch on your putts, while gophers pop out of the courses to harass your ball. It’ll be out in July.

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