2K Games Shows Off Mobile Titles at E3 2012

Do you like mobile games? Sure you do. Then maybe you’ll be happy to learn that 2K Games has you covered for casual mobile fare. The game giant, which also owns the 2K Play, 2K Sports, and Rockstar Games labels, is showing off a large mobile line-up at E3 2012.

“From our blockbuster Carnival Games series to our exciting new original properties like Herd, Herd, Herd, to our election year tie-in with Comedy Central, we’re thrilled to introduce a lineup of games that are with you wherever you go,” Steve Lux, Vice President of Business Development for 2K Play, stated in a press release distributed last evening by 2K Games. “Gamers will have fun in short doses, long stretches and everything in between with the convenience of playing on the world’s most popular mobile devices.”

Here’s what’s on the menu:

Comedy Central’s Indecision Game: Prepare yourself for Indecision 2012 by testing your political wits with this app.

Fiasco the Cat : Fiasco is a cat who’s adept at turning the house upside-down. You need to race against the clock and fix his trail of destruction before your mother-in-law arrives. Real-life coat owners might find that Fiasco’s antics hit a little close to home.

GridBlock: Flip, tilt, slide, and shake electro blocks into place on a gravity board. With tons of gravity-defying levels GridBlock provides the opportunity to spit in gravity’s eye, at least until you’re schooled by a black hole.

Herd, Herd, Herd: Farmer Jed’s livestock have all gone AWOL at the same time, and you need to heard all those delicious breakfast items into their respective pens before a nearby fox herds them into his stomach.

Carnival Games Mini Golf: The popular Carnival Games franchise goes golfing with Carnival Games Mini Golf. You putt-putt across several thematic courses, including medieval times and the Wild West. Wherever you end up, though, you can be sure that a little plastic windmill will be there to put you at three over par.

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