2013: Infected Wars

2013: Infected Wars is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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2013: Infected Wars Review

At first glance, 2013: Infected Wars seems like it could be a sleeper hit. The graphics are good, the co-op multiplayer is a nice addition, and the controls are solid. There really seems to be a sturdy foundation in place to make this game a fun experience. It’s a shame that the game itself is pretty generic.

You can choose one of four character classes: Marine, Field Support, Sniper, and Sapper. Each class excels at its own type of combat, just like in most shooters. There are 14 different weapons that can be acquired using in game currency that you either earn as you play, or purchase using real money.


Clearly a lot of time was put into making the environments and giving players options as far as character classes and weapons go. You play as a mercenary, whose main objective is to stop Al-Qaeda from creating a new world order, after they had got their hands on an engineered virus. That’s about as interesting as the story gets, but no one really plays this type of game for the story anyway.

The game consists mostly of moving from area to area, battling all sorts of enemies, from your typical zombie creatures, to demon dogs, to towering behemoths. The enemies for the most part are varied, and are pretty interesting to look at, which is good, because you’ll be seeing a ton of them on your way through this game.


What’s not so great is how the game punishes you for dying. You don’t lose experience, but you do lose any of the weapons that you’ve purchased before the level started, which seems unfair since it takes a fairly long time to accumulate the currency required to purchase weapons in the first place.

2013: Infected Wars isn’t a bad game, and there’s a lot to like about it. However, it doesn’t do enough to stand out from the crowd, and constantly wanting the player to spend money only to take away the perks when they lose, isn’t going to do the game any favors.


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