2012 Zombies vs Aliens

2012 Zombies vs Aliens is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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2012 Zombies Vs. Aliens Review

New releases on the App Store often mirror the hot topics of culture, as we all know quite well. Occasionally, developers come up with the idea of just tossing all of these hot topics together into a singular menagerie, which is exactly what happens with 2012 Zombies vs. Aliens.

2012 ZvA has a humorous concept behind it. Earth is pulverized by aliens, who come back later only to find that their methods sowed the seeds for their own destruction by generating hordes of zombies. You control these zombies, and the game faithfully recreates the tactic that zombies always seem to use– mob the enemy regardless of danger and death, until you win.

This mirrors the lack of strategy in the game. The only control you have over your units is when to spawn them and when to send them out from bunkers. There is no path-drawing feature like in Trenches, meaning that there is no direct control over where your units go. What is worse is that only three units can hole up in a bunker, making any other unit simply charge ahead, guns blazing.

Okay, who’s the cheater who brought in the mech suits?

This doesn’t mean that the game isn’t fun, though, because zombies and aliens fighting always provides some form of entertainment, especially with gruesome animation to illustrate the battles. 2012 ZvA has eight cities, each with seven major areas that you need to battle through. With three difficulty settings, as well as the Alien campaign mode, you could conceivably play this game for a very long time. It also has seven types of units and several airstrike options to unlock and level up, which adds some variety to the game.

However, there is simply not enough strategy involved in which units to purchase, level, and spawn. The actual battles can safely be ignored. You just spawn troops as your mana climbs high enough, send them out from bunkers, and watch them win or lose, depending on the number and strength of troops.

Your scores are submitted to OpenFeint, but the game gives you no post-battle statistics to look over, nor does it show you the score submitted to OpenFeint. All together, it lends to a strategically lacking experience, and we advise caution before buying.

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