2010 Game of the Year (People’s Choice): Infinity Blade

The people have spoken! Our readers’ favorite game this year, according to our poll on Twitter, was Infinity Blade from Chair Entertainment.

Infinity Blade marks what we think is a dramatic new season for iPhone games. With the Unreal Engine, the graphical capabilities of iOS devices have leaped from PSP and DS-quality to Xbox and Playstation-quality. Infinity Blade is the best looking iPhone game this year, and that’s certainly part of its popular appeal.

But the game is also original in a lot of ways. You’re expected to replay it over and over, becoming more powerful each time. You’ll have to use nearly every item in the game’s expansive arsenal to level up to the max. And we never get tired of knocking that one bad guy off the bridge with our shield.

If there’s one downside to this award, it’s that the expectations are sky-high for Chair and Epic to create yet another masterpiece in 2011. We can’t wait to see what they come up with.

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