2009 Game of the Year (People’s Choice): Commodore 64

We left it to our followers on Twitter to vote for their favorite iPhone game of the last twelve months, and the results are in: The winner is Commodore 64.

C64 from Manomio had an inelegant start to its life on the App Store. Rejected multiple times due to Apple’s squeamishness about including BASIC, C64 was released in September only to be pulled for allowing BASIC to be accessed indirectly.

When it returned we rated it a 3, for Good, remarking that it would mainly appeal to those who owned or remembered playing the original Commodore 64. Since then, the game has been updated to offer additional 8-bit games like Bruce Lee, which may appeal to a wider audience.

The perfectly-emulated Commodore 64 games that come as free and paid downloads in C64 trigger nostalgic feelings for its fans. This week, Manomio asked its fans directly to vote for C64 in our GOTY People’s Choice Twitter poll. This points us to another major story of 2009: developers becoming savvy about using social networking tools like Twitter and Facebook, to maintain their fanbase and get them spreading the word about their games.

Other games that we’ve rated higher on this website did not win the poll, mainly because there were so many different games that no single one could rise to the top. Manomio’s C64 (along with another fan favorite, Sword of Fargoal) harnessed their Twitter followers to cast votes, so we’re recognizing this determined company for their efforts, and awarding Game of the Year (People’s Choice) to Commodore 64.

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