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1112 episode 02 is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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1112 Episode 2 Review

Like an episode of Fringe, the first episode of 1112 left us with a cliffhanger ending and a tease of what was to come next for the main character, Louis. We found that even though the story was both interesting and creepy, there was a lot left to be desired as a game. Unfortunately, 1112 Episode 2 doesn’t resolve any of our complaints from the first game, and adds a few more as well.

Episode 2 starts off with Louis in an abandoned hotel room with no recollection of where he is or how he got there. After a short stint of confusion, which isn’t helped by the awkward and sometimes confusing characters around the hotel, he finds himself attempting to recover his once peaceful life in New Jersey.

Unsurprisingly, the main core of the game remains unchanged from the first episode. You still operate from a first-person perspective and navigate through the world by tapping on objects and people. This creates a world of possibilities, which unfortunately aren’t taken advantage of in the storyline.

Riding the rails.

Many of the glitches from the original game still exist. Numerous times you’ll find yourself required to select objects that aren’t visible, like having to speak with a maid by tapping on a blank wall. This is not intuitive in the slightest. Even the dialogue localization has its problems, because several times we found the game mixing up English and French, resulting in us scratching our heads.

Most of the same puzzles return from the first game, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. While some will provide a small bit of satisfaction, we found them just as bland as in the original. The majority of puzzles also suffer from terrible touch controls and multitouch gestures that are simply atrocious. It’s easier to tighten a screw in real life than in this game.

Sir! SIR!

Despite what it may sound like, Episode 2 isn’t all bad. Many of the things we liked about the first episode remain in play. Louis (who looks just like Johnny Depp) is still a great main character, and we liked him enough to play through the entire game just to see his fate. But the overall storyline remains secretive, as we were faced with another disappointing cliffhanger.

If you managed to complete Episode 1, you’ll find something to like in Episode 2. But you would have an extremely hard time enjoying this sequel without first playing through the original. If you liked the first one, Episode 2 is a worthwhile purchase only to continue the entangling storyline. Like Johnny Depp’s iconic hairstyle, our opinion of the series remains unchanged.

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