News via IGN:

Ghostbusters Puzzle Game Coming to iOS

Go-Go Ghostbusters – wait, wrong franchise. The real Ghostbusters are coming to mobile courtesy of Capcom. The game, titled Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighters, appears to be a puzzle battle game (think Puzzle & Dragons) and features characters from across the Ghostbusters universe. Look for it this June.



Leo’s Fortune on sale for $0.99

To celebrate 1 million downloads an their release 1 year ago today, Leo’s Fortune, one of the best games of 2014 is on sale for just $0.99. If you don’t have this amazing game, grab it now and thank us later.

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Special Dungeon Link Promo Coupon Code

The fine folks at Gamevil sent us a special coupon code that can be used inside Dungeon Link to unlock 10,000 gold and three normal summons. If you are playing the game, or want to try it out, it’s a great way to get a leg up.

Reader code: SLIDETOPLAY
Contents: 10,000 Gold, 3 Normal Summons

Expiration Date: May 4, 2015 – NOTE: This is US ONLY

How to redeem:
Select Settings (gears icon) in the upper right hand corner of the home screen.
Select “Notice” in the bottom left column.
Select the “Enter Your Promo Code Here” banner.
Enter your code.
Return to home screen and select Mailbox (envelope icon in upper right hand corner) to claim your items.


Alto’s Adventure On Sale for $1.99

Have you ever chased runaway llamas while sliding down slopes painted silver by the moonlight? If you haven’t, you should give Alto’s Adventure a try. It’s a very soothing snowboarding game, and it’s currently on sale for $1.99 USD. That’s down one dollar from $2.99 USD.


Swap Heroes 2 On Sale for $0.99 USD

Swap Heroes 2 is an engaging and unique puzzle / RPG that gives you a nice mental workout. Also, it has fox archers, so you know it’s A-OK. It usually sells for $2.99 USD, but it’s currently available for the sharp price of $0.99 USD.

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Boom Dots Updates With New Levels

Boom Dots, the single-touch game of exploding dots and (non-explosive) reflexes, recently updated with 60 new levels. The 1.2.1 update includes other goodies as well, like new themes, new achievements, and a pause button. Whew – now you can finally stop playing long enough to use the washroom. The game is free to download.

Out Now via Pocket Tactics:

Out Now: Coup

Coup is a game about bluffing, lying, and stealing. Good stuff. It was originally a card game, so people wonder how the title fares in a digital format. It’s a free download, so give it a try for yourself.

Via Pocket Tactics

Interesting via Pocket Gamer:

Mobius Final Fantasy Opens Up Japanese Registration, Offers Tidus’s Sword as Bonus

Pre-registration for Mobius Final Fantasy has opened up in Japan. The fascinating thing about this is that people who pre-register are rewarded with the Brotherhood Sword, a blade made of water that was wielded by Tidus in Final Fantasy X. Mobius Final Fantasy is coming to iOS and Android in Japan later this spring, but there’s no word on localization efforts yet.

Via Pocket Gamer

Reviews via Gamezebo:

Forgotten Memories Review: Puzzles From the Past

Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities pays tribute to the classics of survival horror games, including Resident Evil and Silent Hill. According to Gamezebo’s review of the game, it delivers strong atmosphere, but its sometimes-confusing puzzles are a relic of past adventure games.

As a whole, Forgotten Memories is designed really well, and it is very creepy with some neat puzzles. The game is only marred by clunky combat experiences and a stingy save system that is stuck in the 90’s.

Via Gamezebo

Interesting via Siliconera:

Developers of Forgotten Memories Talk About Making Survival Horror Games

There’s been some argument about whether or not mainstream survival horror games have lost their ability to give us the willies. Siliconera talks to Wilfried Marcadet, the producer and art director of horror title Forgotten Memories, about bottling and serving perfect scares.

Via Siliconera


Battle Riders – Car Combat Racing On Sale for $0.99

Screeech! Bam! Driving safely is for suckers and grandmas. Good news: You can now risk life, limb, and your clean driving record with Battle Riders for the low cost of $0.99 USD. That’s down 50% from the usual price tag of $1.99 USD.

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Bring Me Sandwiches!! Now Free, Down From $0.99 USD

Adult Swim’s weird but wonderful platformer / sandwich-building game, Bring Me Sandwiches!! is now free. Now you can construct enormous sandwiches and feed them to a ravenous alien overlord at no cost. Though, you might lose your life if our new space overlords are dissatisfied with your offering.


Huge SNK Sale: Most Games $0.99

Legendary game / console designer SNK is having a big sale in honor of the Neo Geo’s 25th anniversary. Many of its apps are sinking to the $0.99 USD price point, including hit side-scrollers like Metal Slug, and fighting classics like King of Fighters and Fatal Fury.

The sale goes on until May 7. Here’s what’s on tap for a buck:


Reviews via Gamezebo:

Halo Spartan Strike and Spartan Assault Review: A Bundle of Fun

Gamezebo’s review of the mobile Halo games combines critical analysis for Halo Spartan Strike and Halo Spartan Assault. Reviewer Tom Christiansen says both twin-stick shooters are well put-together, though he had some trouble with driving and shooting at the same time.

Halo Spartan Strike and Spartan Assault are two games that may not be traditional Halo shooters, but they are worthy of the Halo name nonetheless. They both deliver epic sci-fi ground fights filled with the sights and sounds of the Halo universe — but while they may bring something new to the brand, they don’t do much to shake up the top-down shooter genre. Still, what they do, they do well.

Via Gamezebo

Reviews via AppSpy:

Does Not Commute Video Review: A Rough Journey, but Worth It

AppSpy’s video review of strageic driving game Does Not Commute points out the title’s flaws, but praises its originality, its sense of humor, and, interestingly, a joke about a boat.

Via AppSpy

Previews via Touch Arcade:

Knights of Pen & Paper 2 Trailer

Touch Arcade has the latest trailer up for Knights of Pen & Paper 2

The 16-bit visuals are looking great, though without running away from the “nerds sitting at a table playing a tabletop game” frame that the original game used. Super-cool. You’ll be trying to save the world from the second-edition ruleset of the game that threatens to upend everything we love and hold dear. This will not stand. Because we’ll be sitting down.

Via Touch Arcade


Play Tree Story, Plant Real Trees

Tree Story from a new company filled with game industry vets, Zig Zag Zoom, wants to do good. Their first game, Tree Story is a bubble shooter with a twist — that twist is that if you plant trees in the game, they will plant trees in the world.


Marvel Universe release from Telltale Games coming in 2017

Teased yesterday at a press screening of The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Marvel will be wiling with Telltale Games, the folks behind such greats as The Walking Dead, season 2 and Tales from the Borderlands will be releasing some sort of a game, we can only assume it’s an adventure game, with an unknown Marvel story in 2017.

Photo: Polygon

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News via Touch Arcade:

Big Bucket Software Working on a New Platforming Game

The Incident is a mobile game starring Frank, an unfortunate fellow who must scramble to the top of the debris constantly raining down on him. Frank seemingly came through that event stronger than ever, because now he’s starring in his own platforming game. The title is very early in development, and is yet unnamed aside from a code name (BB3). You can take a look at a brief video of the game’s progress over at Big Bucket Software’s blog.

Via Touch Arcade

What We're Playing via Gamezebo:

10 Games You Should Play This Week

Every Thursday on the App Store is like Christmas for iOS gamers, and Gamezebo has posted its weekly list of the hottest new games. The titles are listed below, but click here for a full rundown on each one. By the way, eight of them are free to download, which is pretty neat for anyone looking to save a buck.

  • Sorcery! 3
  • Letterpad
  • Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities
  • EA Sports UFC
  • Does Not Commute
  • Battle Odyssey
  • Century City
  • Bouncy Bits
  • Dungeon Link
  • Pinball Sniper

Via Gamezebo

Videos via YouTube:

Lonnie Plays Does Not Commute

Does Not Commute is a strategic driving game about taking a stressful drive through a neighborhood in the 1970s. Lonnie is on it, with his trademark stream-of-consciousness monologue carrying us through to the end. In any case, the game looks totally bonkers and like a bunch of fun.

Via YouTube

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