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Reviews via Touch Arcade

Tempo Review from Touch Arcade: “Pointless”, AppSpy: 4/5

A rather harsh review from Touch Arcade for the timing based action game Tempo. The game is beautiful, but doesn’t really meet any needs.

If you want a military-action game, go play Modern Combat 5, at least it will test your skill. Even if you’re not good at first-person shooters, you have to learn somehow! Please, do something besides play Tempo! Again, not because Tempo as a product is bad, but it’s a stupid game that should not exist.

As a counterbalance to that, AppSpy gives it a 4/5 noting

“Tempo is a shooter with a twist. The twist is that it’s not really a shooter. … rather than pulling the trigger you’re tapping along to various quick time events in order to get rid of the bad guys. Does it actually work? Yes, yes it does.”

Updates via Touch Arcade

Goblin Sword Gets a Great Big Update

This fantastic action platformer just got an update that introduces loads of new content. If you haven’t played it, now’s a great time to give it a shot.

The major new feature in the 1.5 update of Goblin Sword is an entire new chapter titled The Lost City that features 16 new levels that take place in a brand new area. The new chapter can be accessed after beating the first boss in the Dark Caves. Along with the new levels are 2 new bosses, more than 10 new enemy types, and a number of new relics, weapons and costumes for your hero. Gelato has created a new trailer showing off some of this new content, but if you want to experience it for yourself you may want to skip the trailer as spoilers abound.

Reviews via AppSpy

AppSpy Gives AG Drive Top Marks

AppSpy takes a look at AG Drive in their latest video review. Giving it top marks and only dinging it for not having multiplayer. If you like “swooshy swoopy futuristic racers” this one might be the one.