Reviews via 148Apps:

Grim Fandango Remastered Review: Not to Be Missed

The classic adventure game Grim Fandango has sauntered onto the App Store, and 148Apps has a review. Long story short, they like it and think you should buy it.

Playing Grim Fandango on a touch screen works reasonably well for the most part. Tapping on interactive elements brings up a small wheel of commands like “pick up” or “look at,” and a contextual button will appear when Manny is holding an item that will let him use it on himself if need be. It’s all classic point-and-click style adventure stuff, and that’s great.

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Out Now

Out Now: Spacecom from 11 bit Studios

I’ve been looking forward to this one since seeing it at PAX last year!

SPACECOM, a space strategy created by devious masterminds from Flow Combine and published by 11 bit studios is now available on iOS platform! Being heavily inspired by latest military technology and sci-fi movies it allows to became a starfleet commander.

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Reviews via Touch Arcade:

Dungeon Link Review: An RPG With a Clever Hook

Touch Arcade has reviewed Dungeon Link, a line-drawing puzzle-based RPG. They dig it, more or less, giving it 3.5 stars out of 5 in their review.

And there’s a ton of stuff to do. The regular dungeon progression requires that you replay earlier levels, but the randomness in level layouts means that they are usually fresh; the differences in the myriad rewards is why you’ll replay them. Plus, there are later difficulties with better rewards. Then, you have the daily dungeons, which feature special items you need to evolve some characters. There’s a tower with ever-harder monsters and ever-greater rewards. There are raid bosses where you can fight them multiple times to do more damage and to get better rewards. With daily quests, timed rewards, and even PVP battles that unlock, there’s always something to do.

Via Touch Arcade

Videos via YouTube:

Lonnie Plays Games on Twitch, Too

It turns out that our favorite iOS game playing YouTuber Lonnie is not just a YouTuber. He also has a Twitch channel, where he plays all kinds of iOS (and Apple Watch) games live. Watch the video above and check out his Twitch channel right here.

Via YouTube

How-Tos via Gamezebo:

Empires & Allies Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

If you’re playing Empires & Allies and are looking to get a leg up on the game, Gamezebo has just the thing. It’s an article about how to play the game in the best possible way. Click here for details.

Via Gamezebo

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Harbor Master is Currently Free

Harbor Master… Now that’s a name I’ve not heard in a long time. The game hasn’t been updated since 2011, but Imangi Studios (the makers of Temple Run) has just dropped the price on it from a buck to free. It’s an addictive Flight Control-like game about guiding ships into the harbor. Grab it here.

News via Touch Arcade:

Get Free Stuff in Plants vs. Zombies 2

It’s hard to believe, but the original Plants vs. Zombies launched in 2009, quickly securing its place as a classic “flower defense” game. To celebrate, you can get free stuff in PvZ 2. From Touch Arcade:

To celebrate Cinco de Mayo and the franchise’s birthday, EA Mobile is featuring a “10 Day Birthdayz” event in Plants vs. Zombies 2 that will offer plenty of collectibles and gems. Players will be able to work to unlock guaranteed gems with every win as well as get five limited time collectible costumes for their plants: Kernel-pult’s blowout, cupcakes for Snapdragon’s head, bow ties for Bonk Choy, and party hats for Cabbage-pult and Lightning Reed. All players will also receive a free World key as part of the birthday celebration. If you’re still enjoying killing zombies, go celebrate and harvest those rewards.

Via Touch Arcade


2-Bit Cowboy is Currently Free

To celebrate the game’s first birthday, our good friends at Crescent Moon have made the lovable Gameboy-style action platformer 2-Bit Cowboy free to download. If you haven’t given this game a shot yet, now’s the time. Grab it here.


Angry Birds Fight — Soft Launched in Asia

Angry Birds Fight has been soft launched in some Asian countries. If you have a Thai iTunes account, you can grab it here. Take a look at the video above to see this match-3 RPG in action. When it will make global launch is unknown.


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas On Sale for $2.99

Causing massive property damage can be an expensive hobby, so it’s best to do it digitally. It’s even better to pay for the opportunity at a discount. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is currently $2.99 USD. That’s down from its usual price of $6.99 USD.

News via Touch Arcade:

Mucho Taco is a New Clicker Game from Noodlecake Games

Cinco de Mayo is over, but tacos are forever. Noodlecake Games took advantage of the festivities to announce it’s publishing Mucho Taco, a clicker game that revolves around the southwest’s favorite fast food: Tacos (no idea if that’s the case, just making an assumption here).

From Mexican studio One Simple Idea comes Mucho Taco, a game that finally brings tacos to idle clickers. You’ll be using a golden tortilla to create tacos, starting from one little taco stand, building up to a taco empire.

Via Touch Arcade

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Final Fantasy VI On Sale for $7.99

Final Fantasy VI is considered one of the best RPGs of the 16-bit era, if not one of the greatest RPGs of all time. Does this mean you should take advantage of its current 50% discount? Yes. Yes you should. The game’s price tag is usually $15.99 USD, but it’s currently up for grabs at $7.99 USD.

News via Gamezebo:

Threes! Removed Briefly from Google Play Over 2048 Keyword

There was a brief spurt of drama last night when the creator of the popular math puzzle game Threes!, Asher Vollmer, told Twitter his game had been removed from Google Play. The reason for the removal lies with an imitator, as Gamezebo explains:

2048 was a shameless clone of Sirvo LLC’s Threes!, a game created by Vollmer and Greg Wohlwend. During the brief few weeks that Threes! appeared on iOS but not Android, a mobile version of 2048 appeared on Google Play as a free download. This essentially obliterated Threes! chances at Android success, and thanks to its open source nature, inspired a litany of clones on both Google Play and the App Store.

Threes! has since re-appeared on Google Play.

Via Gamezebo


Infinity Blade III On Sale for $2.99

Chair’s critically-acclaimed mobile action game, Infinity Blade III, can be yours for $2.99 USD. That’s a nice drop from its usual price of $6.99 USD.


Monument Valley on sale for $0.99

The best game of 2014 just dropped to $0.99. If for some reason this game hasn’t crossed your path, grab it now.

Reviews via Pocket Gamer:

Cooped Up Review: Another Fine Bird From Nitrome

Nitrome continues to flash its pretty plumage. Its latest title, Cooped Up, is a climbing game that’s great fun despite its simplicity, according to Pocket Gamer’s review.

It might not be the biggest game that Nitrome has released, but Cooped Up fizzes with a lot of the majesty we’ve come to expect from the dev. It looks stunning, the animations are fantastic, and it’s simple to pick up and play.

Via Pocket Gamer

How-Tos via Pocket Gamer:

Broken Age: Act 2 Walkthrough – Shay’s Story

Sometimes with these retro-style adventure games, the puzzles can be a little tricky (or make virtually no sense whatsoever). Pocket Gamer has your back. Here’s a walkthrough of Shay’s half of Part 2.

Via Pocket Gamer

News via Gamezebo:

Gamezebo’s 7 Best iOS and Android Games of April

The month of April has come to an end, so it’s time to tally up the releases. Here are Gamezebo’s 7 best iOS and Android games of the month. You can read the full article here, with links to reviews and everything.

  • Spirit Lords
  • Tiny Guardians
  • DomiNations
  • Lifeline…
  • Broken Age: Act 2
  • Does Not Commute
  • Implosion – Never Lose Hope

Via Gamezebo

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News via VentureBeat:

Vainglory Enters the World of Esports

You read that right: The MOBA Vainglory will soon be an official esport. It’s almost like mobile gaming is becoming a legitimate thing (a drum we’ve been beating since the dawn of the App Store). From VentureBeat:

Developer Super EvilMegacorp has announced a partnership with e-sports organization ESL for the Vainglory Cup Series. Together, the two companies will put together a tournament for Vainglory (read our review), the multiplayer online arena battler for touchscreen devices, that starts May 13 in Europe. The finals take place June 14, and the winning team till get a cash prize as well as Shield tablets from Nvidia. This is Vainglory’s first official e-sports event, and it will go a long way toward proving that competitive gaming, which is expected to generate more than $450 million in revenue by 2017, is viable on tablets and smartphones.

Via VentureBeat


Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings is Currently Free

From time to time, publisher G5 makes a full game from its vast library free for a limited time. Right now that honor goes to Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings. It’s a mystery/hidden object game that may not be totally distinct from many other G5 games, but sometimes familiarity is just what you’re looking for. Download the iPhone version here and/or the iPad version here.

Reviews via 148Apps:

Microgue Review: Distilled Dungeon Crawling

By all accounts Microgue is a winner of a bite-sized roguelike. 148Apps has chimed in with a glowing review of its own, saying:

The great thing about Microgue is that each playthrough is different as a result of randomized levels, though players improve their ability to make progress by learning how to manipulate enemies and the environment to their advantage. This makes Microgue satisfying as a result of learning rather than a game about accumulating experience or gear.

Via 148Apps

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