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Updates via GameMob:

Stone Cold Steve Austin and a New Triple H Coming to WWE Immortals

Wrestlemania 31 is just around the corner, and with it comes some teaser images for new WWE Immortals wrestlers. Stone Cold Steve Austin is apparently ready to run down the ramp, as is an alternate form for Triple H. No word on when they’ll be entering the actual game.


Via GameMob

Deals via AppleNApps:

Free Apps of the Day, March 25 2015: Hunter Island, Tangent, and More

Ready for adventure? The deals picked out by Apple N’ Apps today include Tangent (a photo editing app), Rebelsauce (another photo editing app), Toca Doctor (a puzzle game), and Hunter Island (a monster-collecting RPG).

Via AppleNApps

News via IGN:

Broken Age Act 2 Gets a Release Date

A release date for act 2 of Tim Schafer’s Broken Age adventure series has finally been set: April 28 in North America and April 29 in Europe. That’s the release date for the PC version of the game, but the mobile version shouldn’t be far behind.

If you’ve already bought Broken Age Act 1 on PC, Act 2 will be delivered as a free download. Likewise, once those dates hit, the game will no longer be split into “acts,” and will only be available as one full experience for $24.99.


Out Now via Touch Arcade:

Out Now: OLYM, Next in the Series with MUJO

MUJO was one of the best games of 2014. OLYM is out now and it looks to be a great successor in what I guess is a series from Oink Games.

Via Touch Arcade

Reviews via 148Apps:

Imps in Tokyo Review: Simple Yet Delightful

Do you like line drawing games, and games with great aesthetics? Imps in Tokyo has both, and 148Apps likes it. Check out their 4 out of 5 star review here.

This is a cool and stylish little game that’s capable of winning over just about anyone that isn’t completely opposed to line-drawing mechanics.

Via 148Apps


Minion Carl and April Fools’ Jokes Come to Despicable Me: Minion Rush

There’s a new minion for you to torment in Gameloft’s endless runner Despicable Me: Minion Rush: Carl. The update also includes the option to run through Eduardo’s Mexican-themed mansion, a new BMX bike mini-game, and the option to play pranks and tricks in the spirit of April Fools’ Day.

Reviews via Destructoid:

Final Fantasy: Record Keeper Kicks the Crap Out of All the Bravest

The verdict is in — Final Fantasy: Record Keeper is a winner. Destructoid has an article singing its praises, calling it a much better game than the other free-to-play Final Fantasy, All the Bravest (which they awarded a 1 out of 10 in their review).

The best part about the combat system is that it doesn’t really feel unfair, to the point where if you play smart, you should be able to overcome most of the tasks placed in front of you. Square Enix could have easily sleazed this bit to get you to cough up some cash, but at least with this collaboration with DeNA (yep, that DeNA), it seems to have learned from its mistakes. The reward loop is generous for a free game, which should encourage players to want to spend money. It may not make as much cash as All the Bravest as a result, but it feels a lot less criminal.

Via Destructoid

Updates via 148Apps:

Bio Inc Gets Update, New Difficulty Level

DryGin Studios’ Bio Inc plays a bit like the popular world-killer Plague Inc, but it focuses around ending one person’s life instead of ending the world. You work to afflict your target with potentially deadly diseases and conditions, and they fight back with medical treatments and medicines. Damn the will to survive.

The game recently got an update, including a new “lethal” difficulty and a lot of other tweaks and options.

DryGin has also added 25 new boosters such as Economics, Diseases, Risk Factors, Recovery, and Environmental. You’ll be able to buy these boosters with Bio Coins that you earn by playing the game. And if you manage to beat all the levels you’ll be in for a benevolant treat – you can change your dark hearted ways and try to save John Smith on the last stage. This time an AI is infecting the poor sod and it is your job to try to stop it. Can you heal him in time?

Via 148Apps

Reviews via Touch Arcade:

Tales from the Borderlands – Episode 2 Review: Pandora Rocks

It looks like Telltale has yet another utterly fantastic game on its hands with Tales from the Borderlands. Touch Arcade has updated its review of Episode 1 with a review for Episode 2: Atlas Mugged. It gives the whole package (so far) 4.5 out of 5 stars.

And that’s perhaps the promising thing: Telltale has shown that they still have their grips on how to strike the balance between being a Borderlands game while also being its own experience, and making sure everyone can get something out of it, no matter how experienced they are with the series. I do imagine this episode will play better when the entire series is done and consumed in a whole, rather than as a stopping point, but that’s a problem with the middle sections of any episodic work.

Via Touch Arcade

Reviews via Gamezebo:

BounceX Review: A Painful New Obsession

If you’re into super-tough games like Flappy Bird and Super Hexagon, you’ll probably want to check out BounceX, a game that will try every ounce of your skill. Gamezebo has a review.

I’ve clawed my way to five points in BounceX, so I can tell you what happens next. Thumbs worn and bloodied, you start over. BounceX always gives you the first point free; it’s always in the same readily-available spot just to your upper left. No hazards block your path. Nothing to stop you from that tantalizing “twing” of +1 point.

Via Gamezebo

Updates via Touch Arcade:

WWE Immortals Updated for Wrestlemania

Are you ready for Wrestlemania, brother? It’s happening on Sunday, so the free-to-play WWE Immortals game has been updated with new Wrestlemania events, plus two new characters: Stone Cold Steve Austin and Macho Man Randy Savage.

The new Events System will provide new ways to play the game and compete with other players, with leaderboards to compete on and special prizes to get. The first event is a WrestleMania event, running until April 2nd, where the top players can win either a WrestleMania 31 Four-Star Gear or a Two-Star “Ticket” Gear, which you can only get from the event. All the daily quests in the event will reflect WrestleMania 31 matches, so get hyped. And they’re promising more characters coming at some point.

Via Touch Arcade

Out Now

Out Now: Fast & Furious: Legacy

The new CSR-style racing / reaction game / arcade racer from Kabam is out. Just in time for the movie release.

Out Now

Out Now: The Trace – Murder Mystery Adventure Game

A great premium game, The Trace is an adventure game that lets the player act as the detective in a murder mystery. The game also received and Editors’ Choice on the App Store.

Reviews via AppSpy:

Stormblades Review: A Casual Infinity Blade

AppSpy’s review of Kiloo’s hack-and-slash adventure pegs it as a more casual take on the Infinity Blade franchise. There’s fewer things to collect, less ways to gear up, and you’ll ultimately hit the inevitable grind-or-pay wall that accompanies many free-to-play titles, but you’ll have a good time for an hour or so.

Via AppSpy

How-Tos via 148Apps:

Hints and Tips for Compass Point: West

Compass Point: West is a town building / card-collecting / action game that understandably gets pretty busy at times. If you’re having trouble holding onto your claim, 148Apps has a strategy guide that should help you bring some semblance of order to the Old West.

Via 148Apps


Taichi Panda Gets Big Update that Includes New Character Class

Pandas tend to take things easy in the wild, but Snail Games’ Taichi Panda isn’t about to slow down. The action-driven MMOG recently received a huge update that brings a ton of new stuff to the table, most notably the fox mage sorcerer class. There are also new pets, a new outfit enchanting system, a new level cap, and lots more. Taichi Panda is free to download.